Used cooking oil

Our company is engaged in the collection of frying oils and fats. At present, we have a ramified collection network in the Kherson, Mykolayiv, Odessa regions. We are glad to cooperate with new customers. For you, we provide convenient containers, flexible pricing policy and a schedule for the export of frying oil

Substandard vegetable oils

The company "TecOil" buys substandard vegetable oils with increased phosphotide indices, impurities of acid number, peroxide number. We also buy fat-and-oil mixtures with substandard indicators.

Byproducts of oil production

Our company purchases by-products of oil production (fusions, tanks, skeletons, hydrofuse, soapstock). We provide services for cleaning terminals and containers. We have work experience, own transport, a device for cleaning the tanks.

Animal fat

Our company buys animal fats of different quality, so we purchase sapappocks of animal fats. We also provide services for cleaning and processing animal fats to customer requirements.

Fatty acids

The company "TecOil" is currently the leader in the production of high quality fatty acids. The uniqueness of our technology lies in the fact that we receive the product with low-temperature processing, which allows us to provide high consumer properties of the product. We provide services for the processing of oils and fats for fatty acids.

Oil processing

The company "TecOil" processes substandard oils up to the quality requirements of the customer, produces from oils fatty acids, fat and oil mixtures, mixtures of vegetable and fatty acids.


The company offer an innovative way to produce biodiesel from animal fats and vegetable oils. The method is based on the new catalyst transesterification of fats and oils.
The advantages of this:
  • simplicity of the process
  • absence of toxic components
  • low process temperature
  • lack of sophisticated equipment and expensive systems of filtration
  • low quality requirements for incoming raw materials, high quality by-product - glycerin
  • possibility of the use of different types of alcohols, with a basic substance content of more than 90%

  • The method include:
    1. Preliminary purification of oil from phosphatides and mechanical impurities.
    2. Heating of raw materials to 45 degrees Celsius.
    3. The introduction of 2% water.
    4. The introduction of the catalyst 4 kg/ton of oil (only 133 euro).
    5. The introduction of alcohol.
    6. Continuous stirring for 24 hours.
    7. Decantation or Separating.
    8. Drying the blend from excess alcohol.
    9. Filtration of biodiesel (if necessary).

    With compared the traditional transesterification technology, the obtained biodiesel does not contain saponification products, the acid number does not exceed 5 mg. KOH, due to the absence of soaps. This is not contain excessive moisture, it has a high content of esters (> 97.5%) and neutral Ph.
    The co-product is glycerol, it does not contain saponification products and it has a high content of glycerin (> 80%). This is a valuable raw material such indicators.

    The planned calculation of income and investment for the production volume of tons / day 60: the output of finished products with the results of various tests - from one ton of raw materials and the tab of 99% alcohol:
  • biodiesel 940 kg.
  • glycerol 220 kg.